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Experience NYack

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Experience NYack, LLC

347-TOUR EXP   (347-868-7397)





Experience Nyack is your locally based tourism company creating & delivering
fun, educational & entertaining experiences.

Special Group Rates & Times for Your Events

Experience Nyack offers Small Group Event Discounts

Call 347-TOUR-EXP to plan your next Event!


Group events, like our Historic Walking Tour and our Guided Hike on Hook Mountain, customized for your office or team, encourage better communication, increases teamwork, motivates employees, breaks the management barrier and promotes creativity.  Effective team building means more engaged employees, which is good for company culture and efficiency.  It can also be adventurous and fun!

Here are a few reasons why team building is important in the workplace:

  1. Encourages better communication – Activities away from the workplace open communication among employees, and between employees and management. This can improve office relationships and ultimately, the quality of work being done.

  2. Increasing teamwork - while you can’t expect your team to always get along, a group event can facilitate people getting to know each other beyond their roles in the workplace.  For example, our Guided Hike on Hook Mountain provides a great environment for people to help each other, break down the work hierarchy and enjoy being together. Here they can establish a stronger bond with one another for the professionalism of the office.

  3. Motivates employees – Team leadership and team building go hand in hand. The more comfortable your employees are to express their ideas and opinions, the more confident they will become. Outside the workplace employees and management get to share experiences on the same level.  

  4. Breaks the barrier – Team building increases the trust factor with your employees. Often in corporate or office settings there is a disconnect between the leadership team and employees because the employees sense too large of a gap between the two. Team building events give leadership the opportunity to be seen as a colleague rather than a boss, which can do wonders for employee morale.

  5. Promotes creativity – Taking a team outside of an office setting and exposing them to new experiences will force them to think outside of their normal routine. Working together with other team members can ignite creativity and fresh ideas, which are great qualities to bring back to the office.

Overall, team building in the workplace enables better communication, better relationships and ultimately increases productivity.